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Apr 7, 2012 05:55 PM

Greek restaurant that bakes their own pita bread?

Is there a Greek restaurant in Austin that bakes their own pita bread? Most of the places with which I am familiar only warm up the bread from somewhere else. My wife and I want to go out for lunch tomorrow, and she was asking this, since she knew several pleas in Houston that bake their own bread.

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  1. Well, technically it's a restaurant: Phonecia Bakery and Deli. Very limited menu, but the gyro, cheese bread, and za'atar bread are all pretty good. Not much seating, at least at the one down South. picnic table in the parking lot. They supply pita to a lot of Austin restaurants (and grocers).

    1. That question is easily broadened to ask is there any decent greek restaurants period? Unfortunately not really in this otherwise mostly fantastic food community. Although I have heard Sara's gets middle eastern fare done fairly well, my single experience was gristly.