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Apr 7, 2012 05:35 PM

Midtown grocery stores?

Where do y'all buy your daily comestibles in Manhattan? I'm here for awhile at 5th and 59th and will go broke if I have to buy everything from room service. I want a source of cereals, fresh produce items, milk and also some CRUSHED ICE so I don't have to pay room service to bring it.

As I recall last time this happened, I was near Penn Station and bought some ice from a Korean market under the table because the cashier went back and filled a plastic grocery bag from their ice machine. But that can't be the norm.

New Yorkers look great but that can't be just because you never eat at home and never put ice in your drinks. Let me in on your secrets please.

P.S. Yes I know there's a Whole Foods in Columbus Circle but am looking for closer/alternate sources.

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  1. There are Food Emporium supermarkets on Third Avenue in the mid-60s and on First between 59th and 60th. There's a smaller deli-grocery store on 59th between Madison and Park (is it called Delmonicos?). I don't know that this is something that would interest you, but there's a Japanese grocery (Katagiri) on 59th between Second and Third - where there's also a good pastry shop, Financier.

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      1. There's a nice market on 6th Avenue at 55th Street: Klein Market, on the east side of the avenue. Good produce and product lines and some takeout. I use it and don't even live in that neighborhood.

        1. I do put ice in my drinks... But it's cubed. Many NYers live in apartments where the fridges are older and smaller. Not the stainless steel kind with the built in ice dispenser you see a lot elsewhere.

          Keep in mind you're also in an extremely touristy part of town--by Central Park, the Apple Store, etc. Where's your office? Are you commuting to somewhere else in Manhattan? It might be easier to pick something up on the way back to 5th and 59th.

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            Kathryn, I'm working out of the hotel so no. But Jane and emsny's suggestions sound good. Will check them out... thanks!

            1. re: otis

              Not all New Yorker apartments have antiquated refrigerators as mentioned above. Ours and almost all of the folks that I know have the more modern kinds.

              In any case, don't you have ice machines in your hotel?

          2. There is a supermarket on 57th Street. It's, I think, between 6th and 7th, closer to 7th. I don't remember the name but I've passed it a few times. I believe it's across the street from Carnegie Hall. Also Whole Foods is at Columbus Circle, 59th-60th and 8th Avenue.

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              Good thought. I think it's called Mort Williams or something. Actually, the one I'm thinking of may be between 7th & 8th. If I'm not mistaken there are entrances on both W 57th and W 58th Streets. But they have a large selection of groceries to choose from.