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Apr 7, 2012 05:19 PM

Too late for good hot cross buns this year but maybe next?

So I spent $10 plus tax for four nearly inedible HCB from Bel Cafe this a.m. based on a VanMag recco (I hope they were right about Thierry's chocs or I'm in for disappointment tomorrow as well!). They were cakey and dense but somehow still dry, tasteless and generally sad.

Can anyone suggest a better option for 2013? I prefer more of an actual bun texture, maybe a little buttery, lots of spice and LIGHTER!


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  1. Home made? Fortunate that Easter here in Bermuda has loads of options, all more bun/bread like. Topped with a cod fish cake and you've got yourself an island tradition! Happy easter GE!

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    1. re: bdachow

      La Baguette & L'Echalote on GI had some decent product yesterday AM-lots of spice/some fruit and the price was right.

    2. I use my grandmother's hot cross bun recipe, which is yeasted and has mashed potato for softness, plus butter and milk for a restrained degree of richness. They're spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, studded with currants, and decorated with a simple butter icing. The result is a lightly sweetened bun about the size of a mandarin orange with a texture balanced between toothsome and airy. They're great! I'd be happy to share the recipe.

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      1. I actually like the ones Cobs makes - they don't ice them YAY!!!

        Traditionally hot cross buns absolutely should not have icing on them (sorry le beep) but the cross should be made from flour and water or similar so that you can warm them up - you know make them hot! Stupid icing just melts! And hot cross buns need to be hot with butter...
        Any hot cross bun with icing can never be a hot cross bun - just a (cold) spiced fruit bun with a cross on it - bluerg!

        (okay, rant over...)

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        1. re: piwakawaka

          I like the Cobs ones too and they still had them for sale today.

          1. re: islandgirl

            This year they added an Orange and Cranberry option to their hot cross buns (also available in traditional and chocolate) which I really like.

        2. Grayelf, we had Pane e Formaggio's and they were very light and slightly soft. Bready not cakey. Not sure what other criteria are, but we enjoyed them. Not as expensive as some of their other items. Maybe $5 for 6? Oh and no icing so they went in the oven for a quick heat.

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          1. re: waver

            Thanks for the ideas, guys, will reference this thread and test drive a couple next year. I have to agree, not a fan of the icing. There's hot in the name for a reason :-).

            1. re: grayelf

              FYI in case you are interested: Pane e Formaggio is still producing and selling them until the end of April. I don't know the full list of who is carrying them in the post-Easter days, but you could always give them a ring. They're really, really friendly guys.

              1. re: thatwhileifound

                Thanks, guys, I'll see if I can pick up some more hcbs when we get back from SF!