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Apr 7, 2012 03:42 PM

Wedding on a budget: some help please!

Hi all, my name is Marco. I moved to SF from Italy almost 2 years ago. My fiancee and I are planning to get married in the SF Bay Area (wherever, north or south bay). Since we are not local (she is italian too), we actually don't know where to start to plan our wedding. Our budget is very low (around 5-6K for the reception + rent + ceremony). We will have 50 people. We'd like to have something very easy. We are looking for renting some venues or house, possibly overnight with few rooms (4-5, just for few people). Or, at least, some place where we can stay late at night. The idea is to have a garden for the ceremony and an indoor space for reception and dance. We want to organize by ourselves the catering, beverages and official (and flowers and stuff..). Can anybody help us? Thanks!!

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    1. Try giving some of the Caterers a call. Many are very familiar with the local venues and their cost and are happy to give information.
      This tread is about catering with the same budget you mentioned

      1. It was some years back, but my sister got married very cheaply at the Rockefeller Lodge in the east bay. They have their own catering company which was very reasonably priced, and let you bring your own adult beverages. They did their flowers themselves too and saved a bunch of $$$. Since it's in the east bay, hotel rooms, etc. near the area may be cheaper too.

        1. The Stern Grove Clubhouse can be rented inexpensively ($750), and I believe you can bring in all your own food and drink. It's a charming, rustic location that can be transformed with a little imagination (there is an outdoor area and indoor clubhouse that you get for the fee). You can't stay there overnight however.