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Apr 7, 2012 03:17 PM

Itinerary next week.

This will prompt me to report back and we need some help once we leave Paris proper. We arrive Via train from LDN on the 18th. staying at The Raphael Ave Klieber 16th Lunches are at 12:30. Dinners at 9 pm
Dinner Wed at Agape Substance
Lunch Thursday at l' Arpege Dinner Au Vieux Comptoir
Lunch Friday at Septime. Dinner at L'Arome
Lunch Saturday I am meeting a friend who has never been to Paris so I am abandoning Husband to the museums and taking her to quintessential chez l ami jean. Dinner very late at Le Verre Vole.
Sunday we are off to Auxerre visit a friend who is quite Ill. We will stay the night in Dijon and are thinking of Gourmands in Marsannay for dinner . Then we are off via Colmar to Strasbourg and haven't a clue for the 4 nights we are there. We return to Paris for a final night and are trusting the wise counsel of Delucacheesemonger and sucking it up to go to L Ami Louis. God smile on us please. So there it is. Have a go at it and I will report back the highs and hopefully few lows.....thanks.

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  1. Les Gourmands in Marssanay is a good choice. As long as you don't have an issue with colors. The room we have eaten in is VERY purple & the others were bright as well. I recommend the Nanas apple tart (some name close to that) for dessert. Chez Guy just a bit further in Gevrey-Chambertin is even better food wise.

    For the Paris stops, I'll just say what I'm sure many are thinking & have said before...for most people (not all) two big meals in a day is too much.

    Have a good trip!

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      I agree, that is too many meals in a short time span in Paris. We find it diminishes the enjoyment/memorability. I highly recommend Le Gavroche in Strasbourg. We had a delicious meal there in December. The couple who own it (he cooks, she runs the front) are delightful.

      1. re: CarolVA

        Indeed so many of us have said before: When you do two major meals a day, you enjoy less instead of more.

    2. I didn't care for Agape Substance but I think my opinion is in the minority. Loved Septime. I'd be very interested to hear what you find in Colmar/Strasbourg. Enjoy and please report back!