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Apr 7, 2012 01:50 PM

Extra "greased" flour from pan on bundt cake

I guess I overdid the "grease and flour" step of the bundt pan preparation... I really thought I'd tapped all the extra out well enough. The cake came out of the pan perfectly, but there are small areas of greased flour baked into what's now the top of the cake.

I'm brushing as much as I can off as carefully as I can with a pastry brush. But some is stubborn, and I'm trying hard not to wreck the top of the cake.

I already know that I'll increase the volume and thickness of the caramel glaze I'm topping it with to help hide it. But I'm hoping no one will get the taste of oily flour. Not a good addition to Easter dinner at the in-laws!

Any suggestions? Any tips for next time for how to prevent cake sticking to the pan but also avoid these pockets of flour?

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  1. I highly recommend the Baker's Friend spray. Nothing has ever stuck a bit when I have used it, and it does not leave any visible remains on your baked goods. Pam makes a version now, too.

    You can also make a paste of flour and shortening and paint that on. It is not as foolproof though.

    1. I know what you are saying, don't be so hard on yourself. Sounds like you did just fine!

      1. Baker's Joy, Pam for Baking, or similar spray, as Becca says - these are oil/flour sprays that do a very good job. Even better for fancy pans with lots of design elements is Wilton Cake Release, which you brush on the pan with a pastry brush, which I bought on recommendation of CH poster roxlet. Michaels sells it.

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          LOL, I even checked the name before I posted! I just couldn't get it right. Yes, Baker's Joy.

          1. re: Becca Porter

            i'm a recent convert to baker's joy and do not know why i resisted for so long. magical stuff.

        2. I put my flour in a salt/pepper shaker type container and it sprinkles the perfect amount onto the bundt pan. Good luck! :)

          1. when i've had that misfortune, i usually just pick out the floured bits... but that is generally on the bottom.
            since you're covering with caramel, you could just cut a thin layer off the top of your cake to make it even...

            i agree with others that the floured baking sprays work like a charm. it's really difficult to get a perfect flour distribution... if you have a clump and try to take it out with a finger, you end up with a hole...

            what i've done when i was out of spray, was to combine a little oil or melted butter in a bowl with a little flour, then brush it on my pan lightly. extra work, yes, but if better than clumps!