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Apr 7, 2012 01:15 PM

Needing a restaurant between Houston and San Antonio on I10!

School band is taking a trip to San Antonio and we need to stop somewhere between
Houston and San Antonio for lunch. We will have approx. 72 people that will need to
be served. Any suggestions???

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  1. You might consider Frank's Restaurant in Schulenburg....right on I-10. It's a large enough place and they serve lunch specials, very good burgers, etc. as well as excellent pies. The number is 979 743-3555 and you could call in adavnce to make arrangements for a large group.

    1. I'd also check out the Schobel's in Columbus. The buffet there is supposed to be quite good, and they're accustomed to large groups. Ordering off of the menu isn't getting much love these days, but the buffet is still getting great reviews, and a bunch of band kids could zip through that buffet quite quickly, with everyone getting what he/she likes best without having to worry, and wait for, a server. I'm sure they'd negotiate a better price for a group that large, and the bus drivers and tour escorts will undoubtedly eat free.

      I'd definitely suggest you give them a call and see what you can work out.

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        hinzes barbecue in sealy is good if your in a bbq mood.