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Apr 7, 2012 12:24 PM

Brunch spots

Would anyone be able to suggest great brunch restaurants? We are new to Dallas and chowhound but we love food and will definitely be on here much more often!

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  1. My personal faves are, Deli-News, Crossroad's Diner,
    Smoke, and Hattie's.
    Smoke and Hattie's are in nearby Oak Cliff. Deli-News is in North Dallas and Crossroad's Diner is on Walnut Hill east of Central Expy and west of Greenville Ave.

    However, there are probably over a hundred good brunches
    to be had in Dallas and I'm sure others will tell you their favorites.

    1. I had brunch at Blue Mesa last Sunday and it took me 3 hours to get out of there. It was that good.
      For special occasions, brunch at Mansion on Turtle Creek.
      I like Deli-News also, but not so much for brunch as I think of it.

      1. Rise No1 - no "official" brunch menu, but what beats a souffle with French press coffee.

        1. I second crossroad's diner - their sticky buns are amazing. La Duni Latin Cafe also has an excellent brunch. Locations across the metroplex. Breadwinners is also a good brunch staple.

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            Second the recommendation for La Duni. We also like Breadwinners, Cafe de Brazil, and Dream Cafe.