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Apr 7, 2012 11:52 AM

Brunch in Coatesville PA

Are there any good brunch spots in Coatesville PA?

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  1. You probably need to look at Exton or West Chester (maybe Downingtown). Do you prefer buffet or a la carte?

    1. I would go to the Whip Tavern. It is just outside of Coatsville. It just got a nice write up in the Philadelphia Inquirer. British food, but brunch fare as well. Its only about ten minutes outside of the town center, and closer than either West Chester or Downingtown. Its where I go before any of the Coatesville Traditional Irish Series Concerts.

      1. A short distance south of Coatesville is Foxfire at the Stone Barn. They do a really nice Sunday brunch with a farm-to-table menu.