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Apr 7, 2012 11:29 AM

Rooftop bar recs for anniversary evening

Hi, I am visiting from London, England and will be in Manhattan for my 9th anniversary. Hoping to hit some bars in the evening with my other half. I was thinking maybe Death and Co and/or Booker and Dax, which seem to be near each other. Again, I was wondering if you know of any rooftop bars with great views and decent drinks. We are not a lovey-dovey sort of couple, so it doesn't have to be dripping with a romantic vibe. Thanks!

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  1. When are you coming? Not all rooftop bars are open until dependable weather/summer

    Le Bain (Standard hotel)
    Salon de Ning (Peninsula Hotel)
    60 Thompson (not such a great view IMO)

    Check out this list:

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    1. re: thegforceny

      It's for next Tuesday. Will the weather be bad? Should we stick to an indoor space?

      1. re: medgirl

        As much as I'd like to think so, friends remind me that I am not in fact "all-knowing".

        In the US we have this this thing called or The Weather Channel. I can help you with NYC dining/drinking recs, NOT weather predictions.

        I DO know Salon de Ning has heat lamps!

      2. Hotel gansevoort. I am from Montreal and when I visit Manhattan I stay at the hotel on 29th St. which has a beautiful terrace with view and pool. I understand the meatpacking location also has a lovely terrace.

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        1. re: crispy1

          The Meatpacking Hotel Gansevoort's rooftop pool is for guests only unless you pay some absurd fee, something like $250-300/day.

          1. re: kathryn

            You can have drinks at the rooftop bar for free (of course you have to pay for the drinks).

            The $250-$300/day charge is to actually sit by the pool.

        2. @thegforceny, thanks for the salon de ning tip. In the UK people are obsessed with the weather, because it is mostly crap year-round. As an American living in the UK for the past 10 years, I have developed crap-weather-fatigue and have stopped bothering with the weather forecasts: if the sun comes out, what a nice surprise! So thanks for reminding me that i can check the weather online, though it looks like I'm not going to have much luck during my stay in NYC and will have to rely on heat lamps if I want to have a drink outside.

          @kathryn, you are really one of the most helpful hounds on this board, thanks v much for those links. Thanks again for your previous tips when I was shortlisting restaurants, and those awesome Manhattan brunch OPs you write. I will report back!

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            Also check out the website for Jimmy at the James. I'm London-based so can't vouch for it personally but it's on our To Do list for a May NYC trip. The views look rather lovely, though (as in London) you do pay a little over the odds for the cocktails.

            1. re: PigsOnTour

              that looks brilliant, don't know if we are beautiful enough to pass the 'controlled door entry', but will give it a go!

              1. re: medgirl

                Oh, good to know you're not "beautiful enough"... skip Le Bain then. One of the toughest doors in the city. (Ridiculous, I know!)

                1. re: thegforceny

                  Le Bain has no door issues before 9PM. Everyone I know has had no problem just walking in earlier in the evening. They close before it morphs into a nightclub and throw you out, though. Best place to watch the sunset imho. Last I checked, it is not open yet.

          2. altho its in an outer borough theres 2 places in Long Island City with roof bars that would have amazing sunsets. I havent been to either but dont work to far and will check it out one of these days


            also here's a recent roundup of roof bars:

            1. Not fancy at all, but the rooftop between Local and Lucy's at 1 Penn Plaza is a beautiful space. More upscale is the rooftop bar at the Metropolitan Museum. Great views, especially late afternoon.

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              1. re: JTilCT

                I don't think the roof of the Met is open just yet, but it's worth a call to ask.

                1. re: JTilCT

                  "...the rooftop between Local and Lucy's at 1 Penn Plaza is a beautiful space."

                  BEAUTIFUL? Really? Overlooking 34th street? I would describe it as, um 'gross'.

                  The Met in the summer is absolutely charming though.

                  1. re: thegforceny

                    You don't look down at the street, look up at the night sky! Anyway, they do a nice job with the furnishings and the plantings.

                    1. re: 2slices

                      Thank you. Esp two seemingly sophisticated Londoners celebrating their anniversary! Those places and that area are dumps.