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Apr 7, 2012 09:15 AM


Good morning from California...

I'm an Austinite by birth and thus, a Tex-Mex snob....but, sadly, I moved to California a few years back and am unable to fill my addiction to queso regularly. I'm flying in to Dallas this week and will be staying near SMU...could anyone recommend THE BEST Mexican, BBQ, and other especially delicious restaurants (lunch?!) that are MUST tries in the area?

Thanks a ton!

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  1. for Mexican, you will more than enjoy Mia's on Lemmon Ave.....the brisket taco's are great, and their menu will include all the other stuff you recall from your Austin Days. Even though you will find it hard to believe, Dallas is no longer great for BBQ. Baby Back Shak is wonderful if you are willing to stay away from brisket. The ribs are truly outstanding, ham and turkey are also delicious. Beans and coleslaw also noteworthy. By the way you need to exercise some common sense when visiting because of location....go earlier in the day as opposed to later . For a good steak, you will be near Javiers, which has good food and reasonable prices, altho not cheap. Enjoy your trip to Dallas.

    1. Just as point of clarification - Javier's is Mexican haute cuisine... Not your everyday TexMex. Dinner hours only.

      Old school Dallas TexMex = Herrerra's on Maple.

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        Is the Maple Herrera's the same as the Denton Drive Herrera's?

      2. Uncle Julio's on Lemmon Ave. Absolutely the best for chips, salsa, queso and fajitas. Also, all of their versions of the Tex-Mex classics are great, especially the pork tamales.

        1. Being from Austin, you might want to go to Chuy's on McKinney at Knox (very close to SMU). If you didn't like it in Austin, you can skip it here, or vice versa.

          1. We had a great lunch at Mariano's "Hacienda" on Skillman the other day. Best Tex-Mex we've had in a long, long, time! We're eager to return, soon.
            They have 6 locations around the metroplex and, they're a hell of a lot better than Chuy's! Check out their various menus on their website.