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Apr 7, 2012 08:57 AM

Going to SF/St. Helena in June-review my resturants

Hi all,

Just joined and I am planning a wine trip for my wife and I. We are traveling with anouther couple. We will be in SF June 5 and 9 and will be in St. Helena June 6-8. We are staying at the Hilton Fishermans Wharf on the 5th and the Hilton Union Square on the 9th. We are staying at Meadowood in St. Helena.

Here are our resturant selections. What would you change?

June 5th - lunch at Swans. Dinner Fifth Floor.
June 6th - lunch at a winery. Dinner at French Laundry(yes we have reservations for 7pm)
June 7th - lunch at Oxbow Market. Dinner at Morimoto.
June 8th - lunch at a winery. Dinner at the Resturant at Meadowood.
June 9th - lunch and dinner (we will be in SF that morning) - up in the air. What are your suggestions? We are open to most anything.

Thanks in advanced,


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  1. Both lunch and dinner in the city of Napa seems too much to me.

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      i wouldn't drive to Napa to the Oxbow for lunch back to Meadowood and then back to Morimoto for dinner. Before your dinner at Morimoto visit Oxbow. Lunch at Cook or Farmstead in St Helena would be nice.

    2. Check out Cook in St. Helena - lunch or dinner. Breakfast - the Gillwoods in St. Helena. Everything is homemade - I even love their toast. Big county slices of homemade bread.

      1. June 9 morning Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.
        And that's only the permanent choices, many booths with food outside.

        1. Good list, I would recommend the ferry building the ninth for lunch and then either Benu or mission street food for dinner also sushi zone is good. Enjoy French laundry!