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Apr 7, 2012 08:44 AM

Addictive cheeses in recipes, not on boards..

I tend to be a cheeseboard queen and haven't met many cheeses I don't like. Most recently I've been on a Jasper Hills/Cabot clothbound cheddar, humboldt fog and aged Gouda kick. D'affinois I don't think I could manage to cook with because I could eat it all before doing anything else with it.

Do any of you have recipes with Humboldt Fog or any other cheese typically found on a board? I've done a mini panini with Brie/apple and turkey. Recently only hadnthr clothbound cheddar on hand and mixed it in scrambled eggs...damn good. Thought maybe peaches and humboldt after a brief unsuccessful google search. Any ideas would be great!

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  1. This will probably be moved to the Homecooking Board, but if not, try posting there. You should get lots of good ideas.

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      Awesome! I'm new to chowhound so figure out my little way around here! I'll repost it there :) thanks!!

    2. I can't imagine homogenizing HF with other ingredients. It is essentially 3 cheeses in one, and I don't even use crackers. I dissect it with a paring knife and eat it off the knife. 5 year gouda is like crack, and equally dense. It won't melt. I tried stilton on grilled filet mignons after the flip, and it was overpowering. I have had occasional success with fresh gouda stuffed in chicken breast and grouper filet pockets. I refuse to excavate a ripened cheese for the paste.

      We cheese mice like cheese, naked cheese. Cheese doesn't need a co-star, it gets top billing on the marquis and sings a cappella on the cheese plate.

      1. Cypress Grove has a few recipe suggestions on their site:

        other ideas for the Humboldt Fog:
        - stuffed squash blossoms
        - tamales - with black beans and squash or roast corn
        - crust with nuts or panko & bake/broil/pan fry. serve over salad.
        - grits or polenta
        - savory or sweet tart - tons of options
        - ravioli filling
        - risotto with spring vegetables
        - quiche
        - creamy pasta sauce
        - mix with herbs & stuff cherry tomatoes, baby peppers, mushrooms, zucchini
        - goat cheese spread
        - savory cheesecake

        oh, and welcome to Chowhound!

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          These are all great ideas! I agree, I love my cheese in the buff. . HF I eat the same way. Was just a bit curious to mix it up. Thanks for the welcome! You all are certainly right up my alley and quite knowledgable folks.

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   I'm thinking of a tapa with Humboldt Fog, sauteed huitlacoche (black on sorta black) with shredded red cabbage.

          2. I was thinking of doing a taco challenge dinner party. Each taco would need to use a cheese that isn't quite traditional. Steak, peppers, opinions and velveeta, chicken, fig and Brie. Crazy? Probably. Could be fun.

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              Yes, on Chowhound "opinions and velveeta" go together like toast and jam. Most hounds don't have a favorable opinion of velveeta, Plain old yellow cooking opinions are better than Spanish or red opinions in cooked applications. '-D

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                The more my autocorrect fails the more
                I love you all. I think velveeta is liked boxed wine. Can't hide the redneck but it can be enhanced. Boxed wine sangria! :)

            2. You might want to check out a cookbook called The Cheesemonger's Kitchen (which I found out about on this board). There's a recipe in there for puff pastry with Humboldt Fog, red onion, and wild honey-Syrah syrup, along with a sandwich using D'affinois that looks pretty good. I've had excellent luck with the recipes from there, including cheese platters and some amazing meatballs with bocconcini in the middle.