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Apr 7, 2012 07:56 AM

Memorial Day Weekend in Charleston

I'm going to be in Charleston for Memorial Day weekend, covering the Spoleto Festival, which will keep me at the Gaillard Theater (my crash pad is about a mile away on Spring Street). I'm getting in on Friday night and leaving early Monday morning, which gives me two solid days of eating. I'm looking for some places to eat that will give me an experience unique to Charleston (I'm from New York so I'm not especially interested in things like Italian or Asian cuisine unless there's some wildly exciting thing going on). I won't have a car.

I was thinking of doing breakfasts at Bakehouse (which I know was originally affiliated with Baked in Brooklyn, but I'm not huge on breakfast so I'm just looking for a quick fuel-up) and Eli's Table and then balancing lunches and dinners between Cru Cafe, Closed 4 Business, FIG and Two Boroughs Larder. Does that seem like a well-rounded culinary tour of the area? Am I missing anything that would be a sin to ignore? And would y'all recommend reservations for all of the above places, or are there some where I can walk in without issue?

Also, on the non-food side, I'm wondering what I shouldn't miss in that general area to get a full taste of the Charleston experience. As I'm writing about Spoleto I want to get a genuine flavor for what Charleston itself is like as part of the article.

Also also, I'll be taking the train in (I know… but plane prices are stupid right now and I have a free travel voucher for Amtrak) and, as mentioned above, won't have a car. Are there normally cabs around the station that can take me over to my hotel?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Since you're planning to do bakery style breakfasts, I would do Sunday morning at Wild Flour Pastry (73 Spring St) for their Sticky Bun Sundays. I am drooling a little on my keyboard just thinking of those warm sticky buns! :)

    1. We have pedi-cabs, so fear not.

      I like your choices. Closed 4 Business is a great bar.

      You might want to throw 82 Queen into the mix. The food is traditional, not trendy. The patio there is SO Charleston. And their she-crab soup gets voted Best of every year.

      You also might want to consider Hominy Grill for breakfast. It gets crowded though, so keep that in mind.

      And make reservations NOW. Spoleto attracts lots of people. If you can eat at off times, you might be able to walk in. You can also eat at the bar at FIG.

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        Thanks so much for the feedback! With off times, what would you suggest? Do Charlestonians tend to eat earlier or later at dinner time? And what would be best for places like C4B and Two Boroughs that are first-come, first-served?

        1. re: ogiovetti

          Well, we eat supper ("suppah") and there is no trend. Many of the people you'll see will be from out of town anyway. Go either early or late. But make a FIG rez now. Today. Posthaste. If you get to C4B and it's nuts, just walk down the street. Fish, Hall's, and on up, The Grocery are all good too. See which one has a menu you like.

          I misread your question re: cabs. There are usually cabs there but that train can run late. You might have to call one when you get to North Charleston.