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Apr 7, 2012 06:49 AM

Stonyfield (O'Naturals) CLOSED :(

Stonyfields Cafe in Falmouth closed permanently with no warning. They just couldn't keep going financially. What a loss! So sorry.

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  1. Sorry to hear that. Wonder what he story is behind that decision? It was always busy when I stopped in. The one in Portsmouth, NH, didn't last long, but it was in a terrible location.

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    1. re: 3catsnh

      I know. We'd recently been in and were talking about what a success it had remained over the years. There's a sweet note on their website

      1. re: 3catsnh

        They know how to make yogurt but not a clue how to run a restaurant. The first mistake was changing the name. It was all downhill from there....
        Do not fix what is not broken. O'Natural had a great name, excellent products, reasonable prices, and a good variety. I wish the employees could get together and open up under the former name and menu.???

        1. re: irwin

          I agree 100% with irwin. They had something that was working really well and then changed it. Great flatbread. Great sandwiches - my favorite was the bison meatloaf. I could eat that every day. I always thought they could tweak things a little for the sake of the business. It was a tough nitch as they had to balance between really good, healthy food and fast while keeping the value. They did tweek things but I think they tweeked them for the worse.

          1. re: bobbert

            Yes, excellent flatbread, and meatloaf. I used to buy the flatbread and bring some to Bangor to my friends. They went crazy. I believe someone in the Portland will begin making the flatbread because it was so-so good.
            Well, times change, restaurant owners disappear, and landlords get stuck with a worthless lease. I still hope some employees can get together and make it happen....

      2. They were going to open one on the Chelsea Piers in NYC. Wonder if that's still happening. If so, I'll be hauling back a lot of flatbread. Dern, Bobbert, why'd you have to remind me about the bison meatloaf.

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        1. re: hitpas

          so sorry to hear was a welcome stop when I was in the area (obviously not often enough to make a difference)...actually, I was really hoping they would expand, not contract.

          1. re: VTer

            Just last week we were eying the empty bank space next door to it and speculating.

            1. re: hitpas

              There is one at Brigham & Women's Hospital - (Francis Street, Boston, MA) (the building right across the street from the main entrance of hospital/connected by sky walkway. (Cardiac Care Center) It's quite good. It was open as of last month...I enjoy the soup & salads.

        2. There were O'Naturals in Portland, Me and Acton, MA and they both closed as well. I really liked the flatbread and the soups.