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Apr 7, 2012 06:41 AM

Looking for Bachelor party recomendation near Jersey shore.

I am helping plan a bach party, specificaly near Pt Pleasant area. I think A.C. would be too far. We are looking for nice restaurants similar to Fromagerie in Rumson. Trying to avoid Italian. Any recomendations? Any feedback about Fromagerie?

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  1. I am not quite sure that I know what you mean by "nice restaurants similar to Fromagerie in Rumson," so my thoughts may be a bit off the mark. Nevertheless, I'll try to suggest a couple spots that might work. I am also assuming that since you used Fromagerie as a reference point, you're not planning a strippers and body shots kinda bachelor party.*

    Remington's in Manasquan offers a tasty New American menu, has a liquor license, is aesthetically pleasing, and does a very good job with customer service. They also have the space divided into two "rooms."

    There is also a place called 709 in Point that might work. It's a bit more casual than the other two places, and the food may be a half step below, but it's still good and pretty cool.

    I didn't mention BYOs, but perhaps one could work? You'd have to let us know a bit more about what you have in mind.

    * I haven't been to Fromagerie in a couple years so I have no real useful feedback on it.

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      looks like a good start. not sure about the stripper part, I am not the best man. Sure we can check out the byos that would be cool. We are looking for good food.

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        In that case, Firefly in Manasquan might be a really good place to check out. They have a room off of the main dining area that could be used,* better food than any other place in the area, and are located on the ground floor of a small hotel in case things get really out of hand. Just keep in mind that NJ law forbids liquor in a BYO so you'll have to stick with beer and wine.

        *I know that they have hosted a bridal shower for friends of ours. It would be pretty funny to have a bachelor party in the same space.

        1. re: Spaetzle75

          Daniel's Bistro In Point Beach also has a back room that can be used for larger groups, also a BYOB.

          1. re: Spaetzle75

            I'm with MGZ as to 709 - that and Shipwreck are your 'best bets'.

            1. re: JustJake

              Although I have enjoyed the food at both Shipwrecks on many occasions, I'm not sure I'd try to host anything remotely "private" in either space. It's also worth adding that Remington's appears to be renovating to expand the space dedicated to the bar. I'm not sure what the redesign might mean to my earlier suggestion (It should be a really smart move for the restaurant though).

        2. I really love Shipwreck Grrill in Brielle:

          Great food and great atmosphere!

          The same owner has a place in Pt. Pleasant now, I have never been, but since I do like the place in Brielle, I am sure I would be happy with this place. It is a steakhouse.


          I gave Fromogerie too many tries to amaze me. Maybe the first time I was imnpressed, but every time after that, we left disappointed. Uneven balance there.

          Good luck and have fun!!

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          1. re: Angelina

            Of the two Shipwreck's, Shipwreck Grill would probably be better suited to a bachelor party than Point which is considerably more subdued and confined. Both serve good to very good food.