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Apr 7, 2012 05:36 AM

Quito Recommendations

I will be in quito for 3 nights in June and am looking for great restaurants. I will have a group of 8 - 10 people in tow. Price is not an object. So i would love to se receommendations from hole in the wall places to top tier restaurants. Any thoughts? Also, I am on search for great empanadads - if anyone has a favorite place.

any help would be great.

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  1. Zazu is a must and Alma Cucina!! I loved both very much. I recommend sunset drinks at Cafe Mosaico but not a meal. These two dining spots enhanced our trip immensely.

    1. Agree w Zazu. Also, Astrid y Gaston. Sushi Noe. Carmine's. Segundo Muelle.

      1. Went to Theatrum last night, found good service but food amateurish at so many levels. Wines were vastly overpriced compared to Peru. Duck was very overcooked for three of our party of 6. Ceviche tonight at Mare Nostrum, will report back.

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          Mare Nostrum was wonderful. All seafood, perfectly prepared, enormous portions

        2. We were in Quito in December, went to Zazu twice. First time, though it was very good, I was not completely blown away (I thought the ceviche was acrid and oversalted). Second time, I was completely blown away--one of our best all-time dining experiences.

          On the recommendation of friends who live nearby in Cumbaya, we also went to La Paella Valenciana, a place that does not see too many tourists. One of their specialties is pangora, a/k/a stone crab claws, which in the US is hard to find outside of Florida. Theirs was excellent. Be aware, though, that English is barely spoken there.