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Apr 7, 2012 05:35 AM

New Bostonian's wish list

Hey Boston hounds,

I just moved here from Montreal and I need some help to quickly find substitutes for my favorites. I appreciate all of your help!

Some caveats: I am centered in Cambridge but will travel within maybe an hour biking distance for food. I'm not rich and am not interested in super fancy food (which I prefer to tackle in my own kitchen). What I really want are things which are generally better for the price in restaurants. Without further ado:

1) Decent inexpensive Sushi. Firstly, IS there good sushi in this city? This is one area that Montreal sorely lacks in, so I would be glad to find the opposite here. I prefer simple and classic sushi. Perfect fish, perfect rice. I am not interested in super dragon kraken rolls which are deep friend and topped with foie.

2) Indian Thali. Should be cheap and large, preferably with butter chicken.

3) Burger. Nothing fancy here. Just an awesome burger. I hear there is a place across from Harvard which makes a good one. Lemme know.

4) Szechuan. It should be authentic and covered in those little red chilies. No general Tao, thanks! =D

5) Pho. Generally, I like to avoid very sweet pho.

6) Mexican. Tacos, pastor, etc.

7) Banh Mi.

Any and all suggestions are most appreciated!


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  1. Sushi:

    Zen on beacon hill
    Ginza chinatown
    Yoshis in somerville
    Douzo back bay

    These are my favorites in order

    1. You'll enjoy Bartley's Burger Cottage. Sichuan Gourmet, Billerica, Brookline, Farmingham. Search the boards and you'll find it's a favorite. If you go to Brookline(is that Sichuan Garden?) check out the Turkish Family Restauranyt and Cutty's sandwich shop.Pho and Banh Mi are easily found in Chinatown and on Dorchester Ave. Pho Pasteur, Pho Hoa and Pho 200 are all good in no particular order. Ba Le, La Baguette are both good.

      1. Thali: I've heard that Dosa Temple does a good veg Thali (and a good Dosa), but I haven't been. I never seen a non-veg Thali, but then again I haven't had much Indian in Boston area.

        Banh Mi: I like Pho Viet's, which is located in the 88 food court across the river.

        1. I wish there were tacos everywhere. Tacos Lupita in Lynn is good stuff. Also try the Stsff Meal truck for some blends of what you might be looking for. Not traditional but ever so delicious.

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            For a good burger & fries that's T accessable, U Burger on Tremont Street (there's also one in Kenmore) is worth the trip. Go on a nice day & have a "picnic lunch" on The Common - great place to people watch. If the Grillo's cart is out, you could grab a fresh pickle to go with your lunch too.

          2. Most of these are popular topics of discussion, you'll find a lot if you do simple searches. Also, to make a point that I'm sure somebody will, perfect fish + perfect rice is never inexpensive. There are a number of places that have decent value for money, though.

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            1. re: Luther

              Totally. I was just hoping for some quick suggestions on a multitude of topics. As for the sushi, let's not say perfect then... let's just say good for the price =D As is, I want to spend $25 on a few rolls and a few nigiri of above average quality for the city.