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Apr 7, 2012 02:57 AM

Looking for name of restaurant?

My friend told me about this place that was located "somewhere" on the south side of downtown. It is in an old converted gas station and they only have 2 seatings. Also the name is a woman's name. Does any of this information help? She said it was wonderful but ack she can't remember a thing!

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  1. Fort Worth or Dallas? What type of food? If FW, you may be thinking of Nonna Tata, but I've never heard the gas station part. If so, it's on Magnolia, a couple of miles west of I35. If not, you should try it anyway.

    1. It sounds like Ellerbe Fine Food in FTW, which is excellent. Only eaten there twice, but don't remember there being seatings, although I might have been oblivious to it.

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        That crossed my mind, but it's not really a woman's name. (Actually, Nonna Tata isn't really a "name" - means Granny) Almost sounds like confusion with the 2 restaurants being combined....

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          What, you don't know any Ellerbes? Yea, actually, me neither.

          Gloria's is in an old fire station. Sweet Georgia Brown's in in an old fast food spot. Otherwise, I'm stumped.

      2. Nonna Tatta does not have "seatings" per se, that I'm aware of.

        1. What did she eat there? That should help ...

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            It would be in Dallas. She told me they have an excellent wine list and food was great but she wasn't much help, HAHA

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              Bolsa means bag in is an old converted garage on Davis