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Apr 7, 2012 01:48 AM

what do you buy at Whole Foods?

I know Whole Foods is not the most popular place for those on a budget, but a recent trip to the Cambie location produced some good finds. I liked their salmon lox trimmings and breakfast turkey sausages; both of which I would go back to buy and thought they were fairly priced. What items do you tend to go back to Whole Foods for and are reasonably priced?

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  1. - Whole roasted chicken
    - Various desserts, depending on what picks my fancy
    - Burrito (eat-in)
    - Whatever's on sale

    But WF isn't my regular stop, I shop between Famous Foods, IGA @ Main (or Buy Low @ Kingsway/Broadway), Windsor Meats and T&T + Chinatown shops.

    1. Healthy, portion controlled (by me) lunch from hot bar
      Roast whole chicken
      Organic garlic
      Miscellaneous desserts

      House brand (365):
      -Organic flour
      -Panko (has nice large crumbs)
      -BPA-free canned beans
      -Demerra sugar

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        I go there for florentines and d'affinoise cheese. Guess those are not so reasonable but oh, so good.

        What seems to be there at around 5:00 are lots of samples from their seafood counter.

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          I'm not in Vancouver but I also like many of the 365 house brand items...their solid white tuna is excellent, along with their red sockeye salmon, and frozen wild organic blueberries. From the bulk bins I get the organic yellow popping corn, oats and golden flaxseed (and grind them up myself for a week's worth of ground flax). Not sure if they sell their fresh crabcakes up there in Vancouver but back at the seafood counter, WHEN THEY ARE ON SALE, I do buy them--just about 100% crab meat, 4 ounces of heaven!

        2. I buy the proof-and-bake-yourself frozen croissants from Vancouver Croissant. Also the 365 laundry detergent which is an excellent value (but not very tasty). I could be convinced to get the kumato tomatoes again as well.

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          1. Raw kale salad, but now I make my own. Mmmmm.

            1. Fair trade bananas, and a fresh mushroom mix are on my regular list.
              When they are on sale, I buy whole organic chickens, and have them cut up (including boning out the breasts), and wrapped. If the butcher counter is not busy, the butchers will wrap the various cuts separately - this is where the real value is :) Otherwise, I take the whole lot home & start the stock pot, while I wrap the various pieces for freezing.
              Other stuff I buy on sale: gluten free bread, some frozen organic veg, sausages (made in-house with no wheat products).