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Apr 6, 2012 08:58 PM

In search of caramel sauce for ice cream sundaes in Berkeley

Every Friday night we find ourselves driving around looking for a place that serves caramel sauce on their ice cream sundae. The wait at Femton's is off the hook. The line at Ici snakes around the block. What other spots in the north Oakland, Berkeley, Albany area serves caramel sauce with their sundae? I love the one at Zut, but I think we are wanting something a bit more customizable and casual. Thanks for any help you can give!

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  1. Not in Berkeley, but you might consider Tucker's on Park St. in Alameda -- great before strolling the shops/restaurants "Life's uncertain. . .eat dessert first,"

    1. Have you tried the Burger Depot at the bottom of Solano? I haven't been there in ages, but it's one of the only old fashioned (not gourmet, but good) places I can think of that still has big sundaes.

      1. We buy the carmel sauce from Fenton's or Trader Joes and make it at home.

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          You can make the sauce yourself pretty easily as well, sugar, heavy cream, butter and a little vanilla. TJ's is good however.

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            Yup, I was going to say, TJ's salted caramel sauce is really quite tasty. We always have a half gallon of Mitchell's Vanilla in our freezer. I like to top it with a few grinds of TJ's sugar, coffee and chocolate mix and if i'm feeling really fancy, some whipped cream.

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            I've been to Tara's and have missed the caramel sauce. I know chocolatier blue has the option of caramel sauce on all their ice cream creations, but they aren't open late enough. I should have made that part of my requirement. We usually start looking at around 9pm. Is iScream open late? I'll have to check. I've been there during the day and stupidly didn't think to check their hours. Thanks for the reminders.

          2. Thank you for all the suggestions! I will have to check with the burger depot as I've driven by occasionally but never actually gone inside. Tucker's sounds like just the place I was looking for, I only wish they were open a bit later. As for making and/or purchasing caramel sauce, I've done both, but we are looking to go out and get ice cream sundaes and have been surprised at the dirth of possibilities. I've alao found that having caramel sauce at home in quantity to be a bit dangerous.

            If there are more options out there, I'd love to hear them. We've gone as far afield as San leandro for our fix, but was hoping for a more local option. Tucker's is the next place to try!