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Apr 6, 2012 07:50 PM

Soft Shell Crabs

I am looking for a restaurant in Palm Beach County that is serving fresh soft shell crabs.
Can anyone suggest one?

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  1. I don't know of any in PBC. However, Calypso in Pompano Beach posted this on their Facebook page (6PM Tues April 10)... so you might want to give them a call (or ask on FB) as perhaps they have them semi-regularly.

    "Soft Shell Crabs just arrived minutes ago."

    1. Cod and Capers fish market in North Palm Beach just posted this morning "Jumbo Soft Shells from Daytona Beach... fresh and plentiful!" on their Facebook page.

      And they DO now have an adjacent casual restaurant... so they might be serving them there too as a special perhaps. Couldn't hurt to call, or ask on their FB page.

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        Yes - cod and capers will cook anything from the fish market.

        "Because they are of seasonal and unpredictable availability, we have not made them a menu item. However, we do have a Market Plate option where you can purchase anything out of the case and we will cook it for you. You could opt to have the soft shells you purchase fried or sauteed and served with your choice of a side."

      2. Riggins in Lantana has them sometimes.

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          Trattoria Romana in Boca. I was there two weeks ago and the sign was out front saying they had soft shell crab..I had some and they were fabulous..