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Apr 6, 2012 07:23 PM

he No-Name Cart Outside the El Jefe Minimarket in Primo Tapia, Twelve Miles South of Rosaruto

On my visits to the market, I had noticed a cart outside with several customers standing around waiting for the goodness.

The chef cooks on a charcoal grill and serves tacos and other items. He is especially proud of his "Papas Locas" A half of a giant baked potato covered with butter, crema, carne asada and/or tripa.

He was very busy, but we were able to chat a bit with him and his wife. They are Mexican-Americans from Fresno.

While we were waiting, one of the guys you see pushing paleta (Popsicle) carts came up and our guy gave him a free meal.

We took two orders to go - along with the decorated baked potatoes, he added a bag of guacamole, a bag of freshly made salsa, some radishes and sliced cucumber

The papas locas was a full meal for the big eater in the house and I have leftovers for two more meals.

The bill - $70 pesos or pretty near $6 U.S.

If you are traveling through the area, I highly recommend stopping here for a good, fast, road food nosh.

Just remember that the Cantamar gas station is still closed.

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