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Apr 6, 2012 05:26 PM

Huge Leg of Lamb Cooking Time

I wasn't planning on a leg of lamb so large, but I wound up with 7.8 lb. cut. I want to sear this off in my cast iron pan and then roast at 250 until the lamb registers about 130. I have done this before with a similar cut of beef and the results were fantastic, but I forget how long it took. I have a feeling this will take about 3 hours in the oven. Anyone else want to weigh in as a second opinion?

I normally wouldn't worry about it, but I told guests dinner would be on the table between 5 and 530, so I have a half an hour window I need to hit.

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  1. At 250 degrees (preheated oven) I'd figure closer to 6 hours. But not all is lost. If you start the lamb early and it reaches the internal temperature you're wanting to achieve you can always cover it with foil and hold it in a very low oven for about an hour or two. Better, IMO, to hold it than to make folks wait for dinner.

    1. 3.5-4.5 hours, depending on the efficiency and accuracy of your oven. I roast at 225* and it takes 4.5 hours for medium-rare.

      1. I'd bone it & truss it first. (makes carving so much easier.)
        Then, 30 minutes in a hot oven to brown the outside; then bring the oven down to about 180 degrees F & let it cook for most of the day.
        Its 'done' after 5-6 hours, but can continue to cook at this low temperature for several hoursa more if you want.
        Let it rest for 30 minutes out of the oven to reabsorb some juices before carving.