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Apr 6, 2012 05:14 PM

Sacramento's Top Ten Sandwiches?

I am curious about sandwiches is our fair city. I have a couple of fave's.

The Monte Cristo at The Distillery
The Ahi Tuna Burger at Flaming Grill
The Salmon BLT at Cafe Bernardo on Capitol
Huong Lan for Banh Mi on 65th


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  1. I can recommend the steak sub at Sam's Sub Shop and the classic hot dog at The Wienery. And of course everyone knows about the squeeze with cheese at The Squeeze Inn.

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    1. re: RobertLaughlin

      A note for people who live at the northern end of the Sacramento Valley. Nobby's is a hamburger joint in Chico owned by relatives of the same people who own the Squeeze Inn. Reportedly, Nobby's makes a burger that is very much like the squeeze with cheese.

    2. Pastrami sandwich, or pretty much any sandwich at Bud's Buffet is a winner, the Reuben at Jamie's Broadway Grill is the best i've had, the meatloaf sandwich at Sellands, and the meatloaf sandwich at Dad's Kitchen are both very good as well. Corti's has some very good sandwiches as well.

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        Agree with Corti's. The tuna melt at Bella Bru.

      2. The best sandwiches in Sacramento, by FAR, are at Juno's Kitchen. I favor the Bahn Mi, but any of them are great. The chef bakes the bread and the buns for the excellent hamburgers. There are
        only tables for eight people--most of the food is taken out.


        1. Any burger at Willie Burger on (off) Broadway