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Apr 6, 2012 04:42 PM

Genuine Home-Baked Cakes

Antie Angel's Baked Goods (yes, she spells it that way!) - Across from the Minneapolis Marriott City Center - you know, where Candyland is. AA is actually just a couple of doors further in from the street than the candy store. This is a fledgling business with old-fashioned cakes made from the owners' family recipes which she has worked hard to extract from family members! Don't expect over-the-top cheffed-up goods - these are the desserts you wish you'd grown up with. A good local business to support - try it!

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  1. Antie Angel's looks AWESOME. I see that they had caramel cake yesterday.... moan. Thanks for this wonderful tip!

    1. Oh how I hope this was no April Fool's joke... From Facebook: "Yellow Cake w/chocolate frosting comes to Antie Angel's on Monday." Yowza!

      And she has a kind of outdated web page too:

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        I had that cake on Friday. It was yummy. Very old-fashioned and just right. It is a bare-bones operation to the point that it's almost like having cake at the owner's home, which is great news for all of her customers!

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          Wow, thanks for the tip. Homemade cake is my very favorite treat and it's so hard to find a place with the right cake and frosting combination. Very few places in the Twin Cities. Plus I love Candyland. I might have to make a stop downtown. Thanks!

      2. I tried visiting yesterday during my lunch break, at around 1:10 p.m. or so, and the gate was down with a note stuck on it saying they'd be back at 1:30 p.m. Kind of a strange time to take a break. The place is arranged very strangely - seems like way too much space for what they have to offer. And it looks like all the cake is pre-sliced and packaged in plastic. I'll try again later this week and hopefully be able to taste something.

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          It is one person only - the owner does everything herself. I wasn't joking about the bare-bones aspect. It would be great to give her enough business to get some traction.

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            1 pm would be about break-time for someone working "baker's hours," starting work at 4-5 am, i should think!

          2. I stopped in last week and got a piece of caramel cake and a caramel bar to go. They were both fabulous. I wish I'd also gotten the coconut cake as it looked wonderful and I've been thinking about it ever since. Anyway...I was talking to the owner and it sounds like she is considering closing the shop downtown. A couple of Byerly's/Lunds have picked up her products and they are encouraging her to close her shop and put her focus there. She is considering that as well as trying a few of the farmer's markets. I wish her the best and hope I find her somewhere. The desserts were great!

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                I'm glad to hear that she's finding success with groceries. I work near the store and park in the ramp in which the shop is located. I stopped in once for a (gigantic) piece of cake, which was good but have not been inspired to return. Unfortunately, the shop itself does not have much "curb appeal" so I suspect that that may have something to do with the lack of business.

              2. It's interesting that this place is opening up just 2 blocks from there.


                They don't appear to be related. Right?

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                  No, that bakery is part of Hell's Kitchen, I believe.