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Apr 6, 2012 04:26 PM

Um, Hi! :-)

The flying spaghetti monster has smiled, and, in about 7 weeks, I get to fulfill my lifelong dream of moving to San Diego (Escondido, maybe, I think . . . ). I don't know a soul. I was wondering if there are any eating-out groups, cooking classes, or coops that I might get involved with.

Much obliged,

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. The two best farmer markets are in Little Italy (Sat) and Hillcrest (Sun). But there are many decent ones throughout tge week all over SD and North County

      2. 'And although my boyfriend is a very nice guy, he looks terrifying.'
        LOL..No one will mess with you in Esco..

        Lots of great Mex food with Mex markets and a great Farmer's Market.
        Stone Brewery is a great place for is getting better.

        I don't know your budget but if you can get closer to the beach, that would be ideal..

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          You left out Hacienda De Vega just to see if we were paying attention, right?

        2. Folks, if you have recommendations for dining groups for jvanderh, please post them. Discussions of where to live are really off focus for Chowhound.

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            Sorry, Mod. If anyone wants to share non food-related thoughts, you can reach me at

          2. The County of San Diego is 4200 square miles and each City/community may or may not offer various classes and other recreation outlets for residents. You'd have to check the particular City website ( ) it looks like Escondido has a lot of recreation activities available for Spring, and perhaps their Summer offerings for adults may have something of interest regarding cooking

            I know Great News offers cooking classes as do several of the Community Colleges at various times of the year (there are nine Community Colleges within the county).

            There are also more than 50 Farmers Markets in the county each week (scroll down on the linked page) The ones which are Certified Farmers Markets are the ones selling local produce by local farmers, the others do have more variety and are quite the "event" to attend.

            As far as Co-ops, the only ones I know of are People's and a few that are on the UCSD campus.

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              That's awesome. Thank you so much.