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Apr 6, 2012 03:30 PM

Ceviche, Soho, London

A rather pineappley chica morada (purple corn drink), garnished with a wedge of pineapple, rather than the usual small cubes of apple.

Don ceviche had good fresh pieces of seabass, clean tasting and tender, with a lime juice-dominated marinate, sweetened by strips of onion, and some chilli heat, but hardly any aji amarillo flavour. Wish they had included cancha/toasted corn. Fairly generous and quite enjoyable, although the tiradito at Tierra Peru was leagues ahead.

A not bad anticuchos corazon, slices of firm but supple grilled beef hearts on skewers, with a pleasant mayonnaise-like sauce to round off the flavour. A slice of boiled corn cob on the side. Pleasant, but again hardly close to the excellent version at Tierra Peru.

Suspiro de Chirimoya, has a tangy sweet passionfruit like flavour from Chirimoya, a peruvian fruit, but also nice shading of cinnamon, and milk caramel. A slight grainy/powdery texture, but otherwise fine. Somewhat expensive at £5.50 for a small serving but I guess it's not easy to find the fruit here.

Ceviche falls into the good not great category, and one pays appropriately for the Soho gloss. I'd probably stick to Tito's at London Bridge (which has a very good aji de gallinha that these guys don't even serve) and Mi Tierra for some of their superb starters (I hope they've tightened the main courses, which weren't as good a couple of months ago).

P.S. Tito's has specials on weekends, which they list on their facebook page: -- I'm waiting for them to make papa a la ocopa.

P.P.S. Anyone been to El Aguajal in Dalston recently?

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  1. I went a couple of weeks ago and was somewhat underwhelmed.

    The don ceviche had great texture but was fairly bland
    .The pulpo olivio was very tender and the olive sauce was a good idea but it was far too punchy and totally overwhelmed the octopus.
    The salmon ceviche was ok.

    We had three of the antichucos. The chicken was very well cooked and succulent as was the salmon. The stand though out was the beef heart which I thought was very good, as tender as you like.
    All three came with different sauces but apart from the different colour I couldn't discern any real difference-they were pleasant enough but not memorable.

    I had the chocolate 002 mousse and said at the time that it was quite powdery which you've mentioned about the Suspriso. Also the soursop cream didn't work at all with the bitter chocolate.
    We also had Encanelado de Pisco, the booze on the sponge was somewhat overpowering but the dulce de leche ice cream that accompanied it was very good.

    We had 7 plates , 2 desserts ,a passable bottle of sauvignon blanc & a pisco sour for £110, including service, which give the way the bill can rack up in small plate places in Soho wasn't too bad.

    If in Soho would I rush back? No it was perfectly pleasant but no more than that.

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    1. re: Paprikaboy

      Especially with Koya just across the street, agree that there's little motivation to rush back. I skipped the bigger plates because the small ones were merely ok. And was surprised that the lomo saltado didn't come with rice. Give the other Peruvian places a try and see what you think.

      1. re: limster

        I went in their first week of opening, and the beef heart anticuchos were so damn good i ordered them twice in a row..and the dipping sauce was wayyyy better than the mayonnaisy one that they do was a great aji amarillo spicy garlicky loveliness but the mayonaise based one is so bland in glad that Im not the only one that found them a bit too pricey??