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Apr 6, 2012 02:35 PM

chocolate mousse cake where?

i kinda feel like a cake killer. everytime i go back to a bakery for chocolate mousse cake i'm informed they're no longer selling and discontinuing it. so that leaves me with, help! where can i buy some yummy chocolate mousse cakes?

thankies in advance

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  1. Porto's makes a couple of excellent renditions...but with a twist. I don't think there is on that's just chocolate mousse...there's a raspberry chocolate mousse, a triple chocolate mouse (dark, milk, and white)...and I can't remember what else. The raspberry is one of my favorites.

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      The first chocolate mousse cake I had was years ago and was made by La Mousse. When I saw this post, I googled, La Mousse
      La Mousse was the first. Also, at the time, the chocolate leaves on the top was a new, delicious idea. I haven't seen Nadine's cake in several years and would be curious to know if anyone else has. Nadine set the bar for that great chocolate mousse cake.

      1. re: maudies5

        Shoot. Let me know if they still have that dessert.

      2. re: attran99

        Portos HAS a chocolate mousse cake. Served as a slice. Layers of mousse and cake x 3 or so. topped w/chocolate shavings. Bought it last week. Light, flavorful, delectable. I think its called Paris cake.