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Apr 6, 2012 12:22 PM

Too much Mascarpone

I needed about 3 ounces of mascarpone for some frosting but had to buy a large tub of 16 ounces. So now I want to use the extra up before it goes off but I'm short on ideas.

What would use use 10-13 ounces of this cheesy goodness for if it was sitting in your fridge?

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    and the discussions listed below it will provide a good deal of suggestions, twodales

    One of my favorite ways to enjoy mascarpone cheese is in a fresh fruit tart (minis would work with your leftovers). Mascarpone folded into lemon curd, fig jam, nutella makes a nice spread too!

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    1. Stirred into a tomato based pasta sauce, it makes a nice creamy rich sauce. Also, any where you'd use cream cheese, like as a fruit dip (with strawberries especially).

      1. Thanks so much for the link and the ideas everyone. I prob could use it for Kolaches too if I fancy baking.

        I just hate seeing something like this go to waste.