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Apr 6, 2012 12:02 PM

Places opening soon in Brixton Market, London

The sign is up for Tapas Patio which is somewhat close to Breadroom. Across from it is a wine shop. Both look like they're under renovations etc. Probably worth keeping an eye out.

Overheard that one of the other units in Brixton Market that's also undergoing construction could be steak place. Any confirmations or denials?

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  1. I've heard that Brazas, which is a Portuguese joint currently at the Brixton end of Tulse Hill, is opening next door to Nour Cash & Carry. I've been to Brazas a few times, but not recently, and they do a good piri-piri chicken and decent ribs and burgers. My friend really rates their traditional Portuguese pastries.

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      Great thanks for the info -- that could be them. Will keep an eye out. Have you been to Seven @ Brixton? Was curious about their pintxos. BTW, the tortas aka Mexican sandwiches at Casa Morita are good -- get the chicken chorizo cheese triple combo.

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        Tapas Patio opened last weekend with a list of perhaps 10-20 small plates. The other place is called Prima Donna, and serves a mixture of English breakfast items and Brazilian food. The wine place looks open as well, and there's a sign for a charcuterie soon to open next to it. Haven't tried, will probably try over the next few weeks.

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          You beat me to it! The wine place is definitely open and looks interesting. Prima Donna is run by the same people as Brazas in Tulse Hill.

          In Brixton Village, one of the Colombian places has become a burrito joint called El Panzon, which is well thought of (there is a "branch" in a local pub, the Hootenanny).

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            I tried El Panzon a while ago and was disappointed (found the taco fillings rather bland)...but would love to hear more, especially if it was just opening blues.

      2. I bought a few bottles from the wine shop last night--a Spanish rose and an Italian montepulciano. More interesting than what one normally gets sub £10, and a nice guy too.

        1. I think it's actually called Tapas Pati -- the "o" might have been some decorative image that is not part of the name.

          Paella is not bad, good flavour, nice pieces of meat and seafood, slightly dry. Tortilla with courgettes is literally an omelette, rather than the tally oozey tortilla I've come to enjoy for breakfast on weekends at Jose.

          Prices are relatively high for the area, ~£4 for the tortilla, ~£7 for the paella. OK, but nothing fantastic.

          1. Prima Donna, the Brazilian place changed their menu recently, now focusing on grilled chicken froma more diverse menu before, which I didn't have a chance to try. Piri piri chicken has a spicy, tangy surface rub, and was vaguely dry but not fatal. The little salad of diced avocado, onion, lime juice, coriander leaf, was wonderful -- rich avocado balanced by the citrus acidity. A salad on the side was nothing special. Chips were slightly soggy and oily rather than crispy, but did ok under a regime of ketchup and mayo.

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              i was pretty disappointed when i tried prima donna.

              Chicken was very dry and felt like it had been sat around for a while.. Really nothing special.
              the salad was pretty good, agreed.

              1. re: foreignmuck

                It seems like the newer places aren't particularly good, especially compared to the pioneering restaurants that made Brixton Village/Market what it is today.

                There's another charcuterie place opening, next to the wine shop...will have to see what they're like.