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Apr 6, 2012 11:46 AM

Nobua at Teeter House bizarre experience just now

Headed to opening day baseball at Chase Field later today so I decided to stop at Teeter House for lunch. But had such a poor encounter that I am sitting next door at Rose and Crown sipping a Firestone IPA instead.

I arrive prior to Teeter's opening and watch the long line across the street at Bianco slowly fill in. I am standing at front door of Teeter looking through glass window, waiting patiently. I have all day. First pitch is in five hours.

At 11:05, the server opens the deadbolt. She doesn't open the door for me. She doesn't greet me. So I open the door for myself and watch her walk into the kitchen. Why I rode this one out, I don't understand.

She returns from the kitchen and glares at me. (I asked, if I could get a table for one. I am the only customer in the building.)

She grabs a menu and sits me in the corner of the front room. She asks if I time to look at menu. Umm, yes.

She returns a minute later and I ask if they have a drink menu. She answers yes. She doesn't offer the drink menu, just standing in front of table icy. I ask her if I can see the menu. She grumpily goes to get a drink menu.

As she walks away I tell her, "I get the feeling I am putting you out."

She coldly says, "You're fine."

I tell I think I am going to do something else.

She says, OK.

I can't remember the last time I have had such uncaring service.

It bothered her to have a customer to wait on and I don't understand why.

Very strange.

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  1. i go there for lunch every once in awhile, and the female waitress / hostess at lunch always seems to have an attitude / frosty demanor - but i really like the pork tankatsu sandwich -

    she is slightly friendlier at noon...but not much more so

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    1. re: Dapuma

      OK, so this is not just me, but a trend. Now I understand why Bianco was packed, Rose and Crown had its share of customers and not one person was dining at Teeter House. No one wants to encounter the Wicked Witch of the West.

      That's too bad. I have dined there twice in the past -- once for lunch and once for dinner -- and the service was good. But there is no way I would go back in there with the likelihood of having this person serve me.

    2. Consider yourself lucky... the food is small and the bill is large. Enjoy your IPA!

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      1. re: coastalgypsy

        yeah i agree, i only go for that particular sandwich at lunchtime once in awhile, i dont feel it is good value for money at dinner at all

      2. I had bad service there, too, in Feb of this year.

        Something is very wrong in that establishment.