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Apr 6, 2012 10:48 AM

La Parilla (Sunset in SL location) closed?

Went by there with the Chow-Pup (now grown and visiting from the boring bland Mid-West) a couple of weeks ago, on a weekday PM; roll-downs rolled down, no signs of life. Went by there again, 7 pm yesterday, same thing. Are they gone?

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  1. My father mentioned the same thing to me at least three weeks ago. I guess it's adios to La Parilla.

    1. That must be why I saw Elvis on a street corner in Hollywood a couple of nights ago.

      1. think Westerly Coffee Shop taking over the place, per EaterLA, seen here:
        There is also a posting notice up next door on El Siete Mares, where the generations are changing hands.
        Parrilla actually surrendered its liquor license late last year.

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          According to the link you posted, Westerly is going in "across the street from La Parilla."