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Apr 6, 2012 10:35 AM

Where to find Sambal Bajak?

Has anyone seen Sambal Bajak in Montreal?

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  1. There's a good chance it's available at La Depense @ JTM.

    1. Marche Hawaii.

      Go to the back of the store where they have fruits and veggies. Find the ginger. In front of you there will be a line of freezers containing shrimp, etc. To the right of that row in the sections closest to you, all of the Sambals are inventoried.

      They have Bajak, Oelek, Tumis, Asam and a few others.

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      1. re: SKYMTL

        Yes, I can confirm you'll find sambal badjak at both these places, as I get it often. I think most of the Indonesian products at Marche Hawaii are in aisle 10. La Depense has Koningsvogel brand and maybe one other, while there is more variety at March Hawaii. We get the extra heet (extra hot)..

        1. re: Plateaumaman

          My favourite brand in the Netherlands is Kokki Djawa because their Sambal Badjak has got some heat, but you can still taste a nice sweet/sour flavour as well. Sambal Oelek is just heat to my palate.

        2. re: SKYMTL

          Marché Hawaii seems a bit hard to get to ... I've googled it and the best route for me (I live near marché Jean-Talon) is the blue métro line from Jean-Talon or Castelnau, then the orange line up to Côte-Vertu, then bus 64. Has anyone else done it without a car?

          It is easy for me to get to Boucherie Atlantique (blue line to CDN), but I'd like to explore Marché Hawaii, some day I have time, as they seem to have a wider variety of pan-Asian foods than any other store on Montreal Island.

          1. re: lagatta

            How about Kim Phat or Fu Tai in CDN?

            1. re: chilipepper

              I tried Kim Phat in St-Michel (closer, and easier by bicycle as the route is flat as a pancake - along Vileray and up 17th avenue to Jarry (Jarry is horrid to cycle). Lots of interesting foodstuffs, including Thai, but almost no Indonesian.

              I assume Kim Phat in CDN is about the same stock, perhaps more Filipino food due to the large Filipino community in that area.

                1. re: lagatta

                  Marché Hawai is the only one with a big Indonesian selection, vs. Kim Phat that has more Taiwanese, Chinese and other selection. Well, that's what my friends who prefer Kim Phat have told me. It is hard to get to Marche Hawai without a car so I usually round up a few friends and we head there with a Communauto once a month or so. It takes longer as everyone spends a long time browsing but it's worth it. A stop at Marche Adonis on the way back is very easy too.

                  And to update on the sambal badjak mentioned by the OP, it is nearly always sold out so we get something pretty similar called Nasi Goreng sambal.

                  1. re: Plateaumaman

                    That's it, I must make a trip to Marché Hawaï - they carry Indonesian-style Tempeh (other than that you can just get a ridiculously-overpriced variety from healthfood shops).

                    But I guess I'll just have to make the trek by bus and métro, as it is too hard rounding up friends to share a CommunAuto ride...

                    1. re: lagatta

                      I was there yesterday and they had two different brands of Indonesian tempeh in stock right now, so it is worth it. Very low on our favourite brand of sambal badjak so we're trying a different brand. They did have a nice variety of Munik spice pastes this time around.

          2. Boucherie Atlantique carries both Bajak and Oelek by Conimex.