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Apr 6, 2012 10:19 AM

Montreal with 1 year old

We lived in Montreal for 6 years and will be returning to visit with our 1 year old in June. We loved places like DNA and Au Cinquieme Peche, but I have no sense of how welcome small people are in fancy restaurants in Montreal since we didn't have kids when we lived there. Do places have high chairs? We live in Amsterdam now and even very fancy restaurants will often have a high chair and are very happy to include children.

I remember seeing posts back when I followed the board regularly about restaurants turning away people with young children. My daughter has been taken to restaurants since she was teeny-tiny, so she is very well-behaved and we are always prepared for one of us to go stand outside with her if she's being disruptive. We would probably aim for lunch rather than dinner, but we'd love to visit DNA again. Any thoughts on fine dining that welcomes small children in Montreal?

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  1. There are lots of threads on eating with kids in Montreal, including fine dining. A lot of the threads I can recall say that if you make a reservation early (say 5-5:30 pm) many fine-dining restaurants are fine with kids, but it's always best to mention it when you reserve to be safe.

    Here's a recent one you could check out to start:

    Where to eat with kids?

    1. The kid being turned away discussion was from one particular restaurent and it's due to their restrictive alcohol licence. Other than that one place, most restuarents are theoretically able to accomodate kids. If I were you, I would make a list of places you would like to go to and then call and ask if they have highchairs. If high chairs are not a deal breaker, I would make a list, post it here to make sure that you haven't picked places with a noise level that is unacceptable for a one year old.