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Apr 6, 2012 09:51 AM

Newport Seafood in San Gabriel for lunch - any changes since 2009? And best dishes? (aside from the lobster)

Hello 'hounds

We're heading to Newport Seafood with a group. (I've only visited one other time.) We used Mr. Owen's excellent 2009 post as our starting point:.

I recall little else from our meal, other than that the beef loc lac was quite good, and the House Special Exploded Lobster, sadly, did not live up to our high expectations and proportionally high price.

I'm scratching my head to try and remember what else we ordered. I do remember the walnut shrimp was a big hit with several at the table.

Suggestions? Comments? Do tell.

Mr Taster

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  1. The SGV version of House Special Lobster is probably my least favorite. I like the Rowland Heights version and the Santa Ana version better.

    In either case, I usually get the lobster, the beef loc lac, sauteed hollow vegetable, and a steamed live whole fish. I'm told by a pro you can request noodles to be placed at the bottom of the house special lobster, at least at the Santa Ana branch. Haven't had a chance to ask for it myself yet.

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    1. re: Porthos

      I may be operating on old info since I've been reading these boards for a decade, and things tend to blur together sometimes. But I seem to remember that the "rule" was to get the house exploded crab at one of the other locations (Rowland Heights?) and get the lobster at San Gabriel. Has this wisdom changed? What's the standout house special seafood at the SG location?

      Thanks as always for your recs, Porthos.

      Mr Taster

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        I think in your link, they were recommending you get the crab at Seafood Village and lobster at Newport since that is what each does best respectively. Always lobster at Newport. Not much point going to Newport IMO if you're not going to get lobster.

    2. Thai beef is a good option as are clams with basil. It's an asian restaurant, if you see something you like while you are walking to your table, just point it out to the server and ask him what it is.

      1. Aside from what you've already mentioned we always order the hot n sour soup and salt n pepper calamari. The fry on the calamari is usually not too greasy and like fried jalapenos along with a dash of the salt n pepper mixture. My wife is a hot n sour soup fiend and this is one of her favorite versions because the soup is actually sour. Most other hot n sour soups are only hot or peppery but this is well balanced in the sour department as well.

        1. honestly... i think newport in sg has gone down over the years. it seems like it falls further the more i go. even the rice taste worst. not that their rice was ever appealing to begin with. i haven't been to the rh branch since before they remodeled so i don't know how it is these days. never been to the sa branch, but they like to separate themselves from rh and sg.

          there's not much i tend to care for on the lunch menu, salt and pepper pork chops, pea sprouts, occasional mussel or clam. other family members like the salt and pepper shrimp and broccoli beef. ...the free hot and sour soup has become uneatable. it's like a bowl of heartburn. my family used to love to go at lunchtime for the deep fried fish. sadly, like a bad habit, they commonly make it overcooked and burnt now

          but i'm guessing by the dishes you've mentioned, you'll be ordering from the dinner menu. beef luc lac, chicken lettuce wrap, deep fried tofu, deep fried oysters, and crispy noodles are some of the things i like from the dinner menu. the west lake beef soup is good but it's really over priced (not as good as mission 261 though). my mom also likes the catfish soup and jellyfish salad, not sure that's your thing. i don't eat lobster or crab but it's commonly ordered. as well as the walnut shrimp. most large parties get the family meals which include crab and/or lobster. i know on a couple of occasions when i go to/from the restrooms, private parties have ordered the sashimi, which from afar looks appealing and is served on a large platter.

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          1. re: catbert

            3rd time there yesterday, honestly I don't get the fuss about this place. I thought the cooking was just downright sloppy.

            1. re: Sgee

              The place is constantly packed from mainlanders looking for a nice expensive restaurant to eat at. Maybe the owners have started cutting corners and coasting on hype.

              1. re: Sgee

                I was wondering WTF the hype was when I stepped into newport seafood back in the early 90's.

                1. re: Sgee

                  i think "sloppy" is a good term for them. for the most part, they know they have business so they feel they can let things slip.

                  the more i think about it, i think newport falls into the safe category. clean place, nice decor, not severely bad service, large portions, the flavors there, and not overly expensive for those who do not eat at high end places. the foods not exactly comforting or filling, nor consistent, but i'd recommend newport for those reason and if i knew the folks weren't foodies on a quest.

              2. I like the pea sprouts (long ones if they have it) and the geoduck good but pricey. I've heard the king crab has multiple preparations. The one I had was not very good but have heard good things about another prep.