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Apr 6, 2012 09:22 AM

Beyond Restaurants – Best Foodie Experiences in Atlanta

Outside of eating in restaurants, what are your favorite foodie experiences? I'll be in ATL for an extended weekend soon, and I'm interested in hearing all ideas – visits to quaint markets/grocery stores, restaurant tours, secret suppers, discount warehouses for expensive cookware – whatever. I'm even open to venturing slightly outside the city. Show me your city!

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  1. DeKalb Farmers Market or Buford Highway Farmers Market.
    Star Provisions
    Find out where the food trucks are..king of pops, etc.

    1. Definitely Dekalb Farmers Market; it's one of my favorite places on earth. Be prepared to stock up on spices. They sell vast quantities at dirt-cheap prices, and with tons of turnover, you're always getting something fresh.

      1. IMO, Buford Highways Farmers Market is far superior to Dekalb. A much wider variety of ethnic foods (amazing asian sections, eastern european, mexican, etc), great produce, meat. I truly hate going to Dekalb on the weekends, gridlock in the narrow aisles where the dry goods, spices etc are at.

        I recommend a real farmers market. Peachtree Road, Grant Park, or Monrningside are all great.

        Food trucks, King of Pops.

        Star Provisions is great, one of my favorite places in Atlanta.

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          I have actually never been to Buford Hwy Farmer's Market. I'll have to check it out this weekend. @Big Ed, I agree completely about the weekend situation at Dekalb, it's torturous.

          The Piedmont Park farmers market is also good on Saturday mornings, and I think it opens the first weekend of May. Not only do you get the foodie experience, but the park is great.

          Star Provisions is awesome but keep in mind it's closed on Sundays!

          1. re: unpocojmoney

            Piedmont Park Farmers Market – I have not been there, but I'm going to keep it in mind for a future trip to Atlanta.

          2. re: BigEdAtl

            I have actually been to Dekalb Farmers Market but not Buford Highway Farmers Market, so that's a great suggestion. I have also been to several small "real" farmers market (outside, stands, people/farmers selling their own produce) but I can't remember which ones.

            I have been to Star Provisions (fantastic suggestion!). What else comes to mind?

            1. re: italyvespa

              Buford Highway Farmer's Market seconded (thirded?) go to the back of the store for fresh tortilla samples and, if you are in luck, samples of various kinds of Chicharrón. The market is convenient to many excellent cheap dining places (but I know you aren't interested in that).
              Sandy Springs has a small but "real" Farmer's Market Saturdays 8:30am to 12:00pm at Sandy Springs Circle NW (old Target store site) that opens for the season April 14th. It's 15-20 minutes from BHFM. There are a couple of fruit stands around that area of Sandy Springs too.

              1. re: kevmalone

                if you go to Buford try and eat at Gu's bistro--incredible Szechuan--also Canton House for dim sum
                this will sound weird , but i tyink either the Varsity or Silver Skillet are kind of unique as well--esp for a drive in at Varsity--its kind of like the in out burger spots in Cali

            2. re: BigEdAtl

              both BHFM and YDKFM are good. the first is organized by continent, the second by food category. I go to BHFM more just because of proximity and convenience but it still took me a long time to figure out why there were 4 dairy cases. if you're looking for anything obsure (russian toothpaste anyone?), you'll probably find it there if you have patience and persistence.

              i don't think anyone mentioned penzey's yet in sandy springs. while you're there, stop by the little persian market in the same building as Persepolis restaurant, and pick up a loaf of hearty german bread from the Little European Bakery.

            3. Not sure if your extended weekend hits one of these dates, but I enjoy the Simple Abundance cooking classes that benefit the Atlanta Food Bank. They normally get chefs from popular restaurants to donate time/food, and for your money you watch them cook a meal, get the recipes, enjoy wine tasting, and sample the meal. It's a nice evening. The classes are at Cook's Warehouse (3 locations ITP). Classes are small so they fill up.


              1. May be worth mentioning that BHFM and YDFM are not the only game in town as far as international food stores. You have Nam Dae Mun markets in Lilburn, Duluth, Smyrna, and Lawrenceville, there's a few Super H Marts, two Assi Plazas, Great Wall, Mercado del Pueblo, plus countless smaller stores.

                Other than that and the farmers markets people suggested, there's also a few organic farms worth visiting, one example is Rancho Alegre in Dacula.

                And since we are in spring, all the pick-your-own places are opening for the season. On Monday we picked some strawberries at Washington Farms in Loganville. There's Dacula Briarpatch for blueberries and a lot of other stuff in summer time. For peaches we go to Farmington area south of Athens.

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                  Thanks for these! We use Super H Mart for oriental items (esp. Japanese and Korean) but we've been wanting a couple of new places.