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Apr 6, 2012 09:21 AM

One crust Easter pizza?

I want to make an Easter pizza tomorrow.

In case you have never had it, Easter pizza is more like a pie filled with ricotta, eggs (raw and hard boiled), sausage chunks, parm, salami and whatever else you'd like. It is eaten room temperature. In my wife's family, it was never served at a meal. Instead, you'd sneakily snack on it throughout the day.

Being somewhat lazy, I have used store-bought refrigerated pie crust instead of making my own. As it is a rich dish it occurred to me that maybe I could make it a one-crust pie instead of two. I can't find any reference to such a variation on the internets. Has anyone tried a one-crust easter pizza? If so, was it successful?

Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts!


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  1. the interior of that dish sets up like a custard and because it's both deep and covered it "holds" in all the stuff. you'd have to substantially cut back on ingredients since you'll only have the flat base.

    you could use 2 crusts, using a springform pan and piecing one crust as a "wall", and running that up and around the sides of the pan.