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Apr 6, 2012 09:13 AM

If I say RUE VICTORIA (between Jean-talon and Ste-Catherine) in Montreal

What do you suggest as a MUST TRY restaurant or food experience?

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  1. Nothing great but caribbean curry house, Dev and Jolee are all great value for decent food

    1. The one good choice is the longstanding Vietnamese resto Hoai Hoang. Good Ban Xao, BirdsNest, Roll your own rice pancakes on the weekends.The Pho is not up to Cote des Neiges standards.

      1. Hoai Hoang looks especially busy in the summer when they have a terasse outside. I tried going once in the restaurant and the smell was too off-putting to sit and eat. The smell maybe was from the old and dirty carpet.
        Spicees is good for doubles but it's not a sitdown place. if you're up to exploring why not try this new south indian resto called Thai Jan close to Epicerie Shavit.

        1. The new Restaurant Park on Victoria just below Sherbrooke in Westmount is worth trying.

          1. I have been born and bred here so I am going to say with uncertainty that Rue Victoria between Jean talon and St Catherine St have absolutely no restaurants worth mentioning except for the Victoria fish store for the city's best lox and perhaps a Kosher pizza place or two....