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Apr 6, 2012 08:27 AM

Sunday lunch by Tate Modern + Nice dinner in Mayfair [London]

I would love any suggestions for a quick but nice sit down lunch before we try to squeeze in the Tate Modern and Design Museum on a Sunday afternoon. Also, we will be staying at the Westbury in Mayfair and would like to have a long dinner one night by the hotel where the meal will be our "event". Thanks in advance!

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  1. For your Mayfair meal, you might consider eating in the hotel: Alyn Williams at the Westbury. The Square is nearby, as are Murano and indeed le Gavroche.

    1. The Blueprint Cafe right in the Design Museum serves a good lunch and beautiful views. There are quite a few restaurants in that area... another is Pont de la Tour and the Butler Chop House is also nearby. I haven't been to the two latter ones.

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        I really should add that the Blueprint is not the usual museum cafe. It's an upscale spot with the emphasis on modern British food, formerly run by Jeremy Lee.

      2. Tapas Brindisa, in Borough Market, is usually open on Sundays. You can walk by there on the way from Tate Modern to the Design Museum and see if there is room for you.

        1. For Sunday lunch:

          Crystal China for dongbei cooking - on Tower Bridge Road, between Tate Modern and the Design Museum

          El Vergel for Chilean food - on Webber Street, south/southeast of Tate Modern

          Table for brunch - on Southwark Street, just south of Tate Modern