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Apr 6, 2012 08:19 AM

Best of woodside

Favorites in the neighborhood please? Thanks hounds

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  1. Recently I've enjoyed food at Thailand's Center Point and Sripraphai (Thai), the sweets at Engeline's (Filipino), Sapori D'Ischia (Iscian/Italian), Woodside Cafe (Nepalese), Tito Rad's (Filipino), and Fresca La Crepe (French style crepes).

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      Cool thank you for the reply, I've always gone to Sripraphai but am going to try Center Point and Ayada in Elmhurst

    2. How about the Filipino duo, across the street from each other: Ihawan (for the best grill) and Renee's Kitchen (for traditional stews)

      1. I'll add El Rey Del Taco, a crawlspace in the back of a Mexican deli with an open kitchen. Tacos can be hit or miss but I had a really good, tender lengua there recently. It's right next door to I Am Thai, which is yet another decent Thai option in the area, good for fried noodle dishes and such.