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Apr 6, 2012 07:11 AM

ISO - Buns for Smoked Brisket in GTA

I'm smoking a brisket this weekend and I'm looking for a bakery that sells great buns. Sourdough would be preferred but any great bun (white) will do.


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  1. I love the buns from Carousel Bakery at the SLM.. You can ask them for the buns they serve the peameal sandwiches on - perfect for pulled pork or brisket!

    1. I find the round homestyle buns at Caldense Bakery on Dundas are perfect for BBQ.

      1. I'm watching this one with interest.

        My current faves are the long rolls at Nino D'Aversa bakery, which are good but not perfect - but I've only ever found the perfect rolls in the US italian bakeries & sandwich shops, not yet in Canada :-)

        I'm still in search of the perfect roll - for me - ideally very soft inside, tight crumb with not too much air, so it can absorb meat juices, and outside has a nice crisp, crackly crust that will stand up to a little sauce or au jus, but not too chewy either.

        If it was also a little glossy, 8 or 9" long and with sesame seeds I would be in heaven!'s an example of a great one from Philly:

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          The Caldense round sourdough bun has the right texture and taste but not the shape you are after

          1. re: bytepusher

            Taste and texture over shape! ; )

            They are so great with bbq and I often get them still warm around lunch time.

        2. Got to agree with Toronto Tips. I've searched long and hard to find those buns and can't! For me the best are the portuguese buns that you find in the west end. They're soft but the crust is somewhat chewy and hold in all the juices. I don't care how much of a tradition it is I hate it when my bread disintigrates before i get to eat my sammy!!