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Apr 6, 2012 06:19 AM

Not Sweet Gefilte Fish

I really dislike sweet gefilte fish, and I know that each of the major brands has one that is not sweet. The problem is, I can never remember which one it is. Gefilte Fish, All Whitefish, Whitefish & Pike, Old Jerusalem, Old Vienna; in jelled broth, in liquid broth, with carrots, etc.....

Which one do I get? Help, please!

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  1. i think you'd be safe with the Manischewitz All Whitefish. but you can also look for one that says "no sugar added." i just did a quick search and came up with KFP options from Rokeach, A&B Famous & Ungar's if any of those would work for you.

    and if you happen to have a Fairway nearby, they make one in-house with no sugar added.

    1. You might also want to try Yehudah Regular Gefilte Fish -nice and peppery