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Apr 6, 2012 06:03 AM

Sauc in its new location?

Does anyone have a report on Sauc in its new location in he Ohla Hotel? Are the food and experience comparable? Many thanks!

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  1. The food has not change much, still excellent. The price has gone up some (now there is a third expensive tasting menu), the ambience more designer (no more of the dark purplish color dining room) and the service is fine tuned but not stuffy. Anna Donate, chef Franco's wife, is still in charge of the dining room. If you have not eaten at there before, my advice is to take one of the two shorter menu unless you have a giant appetit. His food is quite rich and portions are generous.

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      Thank you so much! My parents will be in the city for their anniversary, and I want to book them a dinner they'll really enjoy - I think it will be perfect for them but wanted to make sure there are no drawbacks after the move. Much appreciated.

    2. We went to Sauc for lunch today. We happen to walk by the Ohla hotel one night and went inside to have a look. It's on the second floor, inside a narrow corridor.. They have a tasting menu for lunch so we made reservations. Very easy to get reservations for lunch in my opinion. We were the only customers today, excellent service (2 people waiting on us) and great food. We had 5 courses: entree, 2 appetizers, cod or sausage as the main), dessert and bottled all for 74 euros for 2 people. A real bargain and we were very full. Lunch begins only at 2 pm. Excellent presentation for all dishes. Thank you to all who recommended we go for tasting menu at high end restaurants.