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Dec 12, 2002 05:24 PM

Recommendations for Encinitas and environs

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Will be in Encinitas early in the New Year. We are interested in GOOD food: ethnic or local; breakfast, lunch or supper, and within a short drive of Encinitas. We are new comers to the area so would appreciate recommendations. We trust the Chowhound's!

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  1. For a local breakfast experience, try Captain Kenos.
    It's on PCH, north of Encinitas Blvd.
    If you like burgers, there's a Boll Weevil, on El Camino Real, north of Encinitas Blvd.

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      For breakfast:

      Original Pancake House (inland, on Encinitas Bld near the border with Rancho Santa Fe)
      Near coast highway 101 in Encinitas, Potato Shack is pretty good

      There are three excellent italian restaurants on 101 in downtown Encinitas: When in Rome, Vigillucis, Tratoria I Trulli

      A pretty good place for asian food is Pei Wei, on El Camino Real.

      1. My favorite North County restaurant of all is right on the Coast Highway in downtown old Encinitas - Bistro Soleil. Charming, casual, French owned with heavy California influences.

        Outrageous breakfast deal at Tip Top Meats - a couple exits north to Palomar Airport Rd., turn right at top opf ramp and first right again (just past Islands). A variety of choices but "Big John's Special" gets you three eggs your way, potatoes, toast and all the bacon, ham, sausage, or bratwurst you can eat. It is in a German butcher shop, so they know their cured pork products! At night they have a great prime rib deal, several blue plate specials including sauerbraten, rouladen and other German specialties. Or you can pick a great steak or chops, pay the butcher for the meat and they will grill it and serve you soup or salad and sides for something like $2.50.

        Also recommend Cafe 101 - but it is all the way up in Oceanside. Little roadhouse cafe that has been there forever - great breakfasts, burgers, club sandwich (from whole roasted turkey). Also in Oceanside - Kai Sen (on Oceanside Blvd about a mile east of the freeway. Wonderful Sushi/Japanese/Hawaiian. Friendly staff great owner.

        For Mexican with a view - Las Olas down in Cardiff. Try the tacos Aztecas. Also GREAT soups (alblondigas, posole, tortilla soup, etc.) at Especial Del Norte Coast Highway in Leucadia. Dive joint but incredible authentic soups.

        On one negative note, I have to tell you that I HATE Captain Keno's - dingy, stuffy, mediocre breakfast.

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          Andy Abramson

          Best newer place is Amici. It's Nuevo Latino at it's finest and can rival the best in New York (Patria, Chicama) or Philadelphia's Passion! or Alma de Cuba.

          The small, 25 seat place on 101 in downtown Encinitas just added wine, but you can BYOB for $10.00 per bottle.

          I've been there three times in the past two weeks each time with different guests and everyone has loved it. The menu is inventive and the service very friendly.

          1. Many thanks to all Chowhounds who responded. It is always great to go into a new area and already have a "meal itinerary" of good places. Will let you all know what ones we think merit your praise.