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Apr 6, 2012 04:02 AM

Best budget range cooker (UK)


Want to buy one but not pay a major premium. My ideal one - a 90cm Rangemaster dual fuel - is circa £1,300.

Amongst the £900 or less, which are the best value?

I want:

- Dual fuel with the hobs exclusively gas.
- 90cm or 100cm width
- One of the two ovens to be fan-assisted.
- 5 hobs with preferably a central 'wok-burner' hob
- Strong hobs and hob plates; I use almost exclusively heavy cast iron pans etc
- Very good build quality all round

The cooker will get major use as I bake all my own bread, cakes - in fact all my food is made from scratch. So you can imagine how important build quality will be. I don't want a second-hand one.

I've looked at the Leisure brand but they have been criticised for poor build quality and dodgy components by some reviewers/consumers.

Was hoping someone out there might be able to tell me how they have fared with their one or if they have an alternative brand then how have you found it?

Many Thanks.

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  1. This link may not do much good but here it is. Not much info here in the states on what is available in Europe.

    Personally I have a Blue Star 48 inch gas range and love it.

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      Thanks dcrb. First one is well outside my budget though :)