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Apr 6, 2012 12:56 AM

Trenary Toast [Trenary, Michigan]

Has anyone out there ever had Trenary Toast? It's made in a bakery in Trenary Michigan, a very small town about 30 miles south of Marquette in the Upper Peninsula. According to Wikipedia the bread is a varriation of an old Finnish recipie, (I can't recall the name.) I went to school at Northern Michigan about 20 years ago but I've never had this product.

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  1. Yes, if I'm driving from Marquette to Escanaba I usually make the detour to Trenary and pick a bag or two at the bakery. It's also available at groceries in the central U.P. and intermittently beyond that. It's a sweet twice-baked toast, sort of a Finnish version of biscotti (which means "twice-baked toast"), very crispy (don't eat it at your computer keyboard), and they use a high enough quality of cinnamon that it's got a good strong spice flavor. I believe they took the trans fats out several years ago, with the result that it is merely long-lasting rather than indestructible.

    1. I tried a bag of this a couple years ago when I saw it at a grocery store in Mackinaw City. I don't really get the appeal. Maybe it has to be something you grow up with? To me it just seemed like really really dry cinnamon toast. OTOH, I had it around for 5-6 months and I don't think it was any different at the end of that time than when I bought it.

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        Hmmm...hunting camp food, I reckon

        Holiday Market in RO carries it but I've never taken the leap.

      2. I've bought it at Westborn in Dearborn. It comes in a giant paper sack and is great. Basically, it is cinnamon sugar toast strips. A nice treat with tea or coffee.