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Apr 5, 2012 10:55 PM

Three nights in MILAN: Are these restaurants worthy?

My wife and I will be in Milan for the last weekend of May.  We've hunted through Chowhound, as well as a few Italian sites, and we've come up with a few restaurants on which we'd appreciate comments from you like-minded Chowhounders.

We have two goals, one of which is to have regional, Milanese food.  Ideally, we're looking for a restaurant that offers honest, Milanese fare in a comfortable setting.  No English menus would be nice, but we realize this might restrict our choices.  Based on what we've read on Chowhound, Antica Trattoria della Pesa and Trattoria degli Orti might be good options for us.  But we're really curious about Ristorante Damm-atrà. It seems to be popular and appreciated, but there's no mention of it here.  Do you have any firsthand experience there? 

Our other goal is to find a restaurant that we would reluctantly describe as trendy--the sort of place that captures Milan’s fashion-forward style in its food and decor.  The emphasis should be on its food, not its "see and be seen" quality.  Do you think L'Assassino would be a good fit?  It's been recommended here and there throughout this site, but not convincingly so.

As for our third dinner, it's our wildcard.  We're simply looking for good food, and we don't have any other agenda. Any thoughts on zerodue, Ristorante Dongiò, or other suggestions around 120€?

Thanks for the help, and of course you can expect a full report after our trip. 

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  1. We loved l'Assassino and what particularly stands out in my memory is the warmth of the service, although the decor and quality of food was also excellent.

    1. My last trip to Milan is a few years ago, but I had two fantastic meals at Ristorante Mistral (Don't let the french name deceive you - it's definitely Italian. I just checked the web, so they are still in business. If you like good food, this could be your wildcard place. It's in the Porta Romana neighborhood:
      Viale Monte Nero, 34



      1. I definetely recommend Manna. You definetely need a cab to get there, but it is totally worthwhile.

        The other would be Liberty

        Really nice place and just few steps from Caffe Como 10, one of the most fashionable places where to enjoy coffee.

        The last one I feel would be a good choice is Ratana'

        where you can enjoy a great cotoletta alla milanese!

        you can also try the recently opened "un posto a Milano" by Nicola Cavallaro
        a very interesting concept of a "cascina", cottage, downtown Milan.

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          GretchenS: We're pleased to have our suspicions regarding L'Assassino verified.

          bropaul: Thanks for the suggestion, but we won't be staying long enough to get to Mistral.

          cristinab: Manna and Liberty seem great. If we had another night in Milan, we think we'd visit both. As for Ratanà, it was a consideration that we paired with L'Assassino. For whatever reason, we gravitated towards L'Assassino. I looked into Un posto a Milano, and I'm intrigued. If we're in the neighborhood, we'll stop there for a snack.

          As it stands, we're planning to dine at L'Assassino and Manna. We're still hoping someone chimes in on Trattoria della Pesa, Trattoria deli Orti, and Damm-atrà.

        2. Thanks again for your suggestions. I posted a report from our trip here: