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Apr 5, 2012 09:25 PM

Room 389 (bar) that serves Cameroon (West Central Africa) food on Tues evenings, Oakland

My co-worker mentioned Room 389, a bar, serves Cameroon (West Central Africa) food on Tues evenings. Anyone try it?

Room 389
389 Grand Ave, Oakland

Happy Hr 4-8pm daily
M-Th 4p-Close
Fri 4p-2AM
Sat 1pm-2AM
Sun 2pm-Close

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    1. re: hhc

      I am headed to Cameroon later this year so can't wait to check this place out and get a taste of what I'll be eating in a few months! Nice work on finding this!

      1. re: hhc

        I went last night. Food was pretty good, Unfortunately, I was not too sure what I was eating; maybe yam, black-eyed peas and fried plantain? I got the veggie plate and overall- it was tasty, nicely spiced and the hot sauce was killer. Be sure to ask for it.

        The bar has a good selection of beers, however, by 8:30, the place was getting quite lively. The music is played a loud volume, so if you 're going with a friend to have a conversation, you may want to consider taking the food to go. Unless you can handle talking over loud music. There is a decent little outside part, but this is where the smokers hang out.

        I would definitely go again to get the food, it was a nice casual way to try this cuisine.