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Apr 5, 2012 07:44 PM

tacos within walking distance of kensington market area

my boyfriend and i are going to go on a taco rampage this saturday. we decided on kensington market + nearby areas because of the closeness factor of many possible spots. here is a list of spots i can think of - let me know if i am missing any that we can walk to! also, we prefer spots that you can buy individual tacos from since we will be eating so many (i know not all of these offer individual ones).. also, for this rampage, we prefer street food style and not some fancy sitdown place (i know milagro below doesn't fit the bill).

kensington market:
el trompo
the weekend stall at the back of perola supermarket (if they are still there)
emporium latino
the stalls at el gordo (agave y aguacate, rebozos)
hot beans (vegan tacos)
mexican salsas
big fat burritos (hard shell tex mex tacos)
la tortilleria

college st.:
jang bang (korean tacos)

bloor st.:
tacos el asador
el jacal

dundas st:
la pupusa (at those stalls in front of scadding court community centre)

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  1. rebozos is my fav, I would just hit that and call it a day.

    don't think anything happens at the back of perola's anymore. I could be wrong. I do miss the taco ladies.

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    1. re: aser

      that was the consensus amongst the meat eaters (not me since i am vegetarian): rebozos got #1 spot. they had beef tacos at all spots, to better judge.

      the others went a little something like this, according to my bf (the others had a similar listing, with #2-5 shifting here and there, but last was always la tortilleria and first was always rebozo's):

      2. tacos el asador
      3. emporium latino
      4. el trompo
      5. mexican salsas
      6. la bella managua (because it was fried and my bf didn't like that, so maybe it's not a fair judgement)
      7. la tortilleria (awful)

      la bella managua (nicaraguan place on bloor) wasn't on the initial list, but we ended up having dinner there later. i had the dish with fried yucca + fried cheese + avocado salad. pretty good but a bit too much fried stuff in one go for me. earlier that day, i had homemade veg pho ("which of these things just doesn't belong here..."), cheese tamale from the peruvian stall at el gordo's (yum!), a churro from the mexican bakery at el gordo's (yum!), and a terribly bland squash taco at la tortilleria.

      1. re: helenhelen

        la bella managua makes a great ceviche, give that one a shot.

        tried to warn you, heh, la tortilleria is only good for buying tortillas and assorted grocceries.

        1. re: aser

          yeah, i think the others liked the ceviche (i don't eat fish :))

          1. re: helenhelen

            Helenhelen- how vegetarian are you? You might want to check whether the places you visit use lard, especially if you order any tacos or pupusas containing beans.

        2. re: helenhelen

          Since you mention Rebozos, have you been to El Sol?

            1. re: helenhelen

              The food is great, the ambiance is pleasantly Mexican themed.

              But the service is really slow, to say the least, and you need to go with a lot of patience and definitely don't go with an empty stomach.

            2. re: neighborguy

              I can't even recall the food at El Sol so much as the inexcusably late food.

            3. re: helenhelen

              Is Rebozos still open? It's been years since I last went.

              1. re: helenhelen

                + El Trompo
                + El Asador

                I'm a big fan of the soup at el trompo and tacos el asador. Then again, I'm a soup whore.

                I believe at el trompo the soup is only available on the weekends and once it's sold out, you have to wait until next week.

                I also did not know some of the markets had weekend stalls. I will have to investigate furthur.

              2. re: aser

                those perola's taco ladies had the best chiles rellenos!

                1. re: helenhelen

                  Who is doing Perola's back these days? Last time I went, it was the gent from Mexicanada, and read somewhere recently that that had changed again.

                  1. re: Snarf

                    when i was there last, it was empty..

              3. Don't forget Tierra Azteca beside Popeys on Bloor just east of Dufferin, tacos in the back of the store. Best carnitas! How are you going to eat all this food???? haha

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                1. re: Bobby Wham

                  rep that! love me some tierra azteca.

                    1. re: helenhelen

                      go on weekdays for the tacos. weekends you get the down home stuff like barbacoa and carnitas.

                        1. re: helenhelen

                          unfortunately not, they have carnitas (pork) or barbacoa (lamb). A plate of meat served with a stack of warm tortillas, only lime, cilantro and white onion for garnish, these are DIY. They also have a daily soup such as Menudo.

                    2. Tried Emporium Latino today...ordered the Beef Tacos Al pastor....went around was empty..I opted to eat in...first thing that should have warned me,the lady nuked the beef......I also opted for the hot sauce....
                      Anyways,giving the benefit of the doubt,I took the tacos to the table in the front..First bite and it was underwhelming...looked like the beef was flavour at all..bland...I thought that I would try the puspusas next week,but from this experience,I don't think I'm returning back..
                      The only saving grace was the tortillas tasted fresh....

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                      1. re: warlock

                        oh, that is too bad. not sure which ones those guys had (i don't think it was al pastor). anyway, give rebozo's a try.. it's across the street in el gordo's.